Our Mission

Finna Cycles mission is to create a community of cycling enthusiasts by creating a bicycle brand that designs high quality bikes for every body. We make our bikes to be elegant and simple, by investing a lot of time taking care of every detail.

We are from Barcelona, a city known by its culture, architecture and history. Having Barcelona as a reference means a lot to us.

Our Story

2012 - Finna Birthdate

The Finna Cycles brand was born back in 2012. We believed in a change in the mobility of the biggest cities. This is why we created a minimalist but elegant urban bikes range. For us a bicycle was more than just a kind of transport. It was another fashion accessory that must fit your own style.

2013 - Bikepacking Pioneers

Just like city mobility we believed that a different way of travelling and exploring the world was also possible, by bike. This is why back in 2013, when bikepacking had not arrived yet to Spain, we developed our first gravel/bikepacking bike. The Finna Landscape. 

2015 - Gravel Range Developement

As bikepackers, after some trips with the Finna Landscape we started designing a different bikepacking concept. Lighter and even more comfortable but without loosing the bikepacking capabilities. Here’s when the Finna Explorer (made of Reynolds 853) was born.

2019 - The Finna Brand Growth

Although we truly believed in bikepacking and gravel since the beginning, the truth was that it was still not a real thing. Then on 2019 when COVID exploded, again we were sure that bikepacking would be a real alternative to travel in a safe way.

Here came our brand relaunch with a redesigned Finna Landscape, keeping the same essence and geometry, but with updated specs to fulfil the market needs. We also developed an entry level bike to introduce more people in the gravel world. This was the Aluminium Landscape.

2020 - Market Position

After a good 2019 season where we positioned the Finna brand in the gravel world and some bikepacking races where already happening we decided to create a bicycle capable of racing but as always, keeping the Finna comfort standards and bikepacking capabilities. We are talking about our first carbon gravel bike, the Finna Taroko

Our Future

In Finna we will keep developing high quality products and work to create a community of cyclists that share the same riding philosophy. We always have fun.

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