“A new model of city is possible and, by its nature, the bike is and should be the base of this revolution”

Finna Cycles

Like you, we also prefer to move by bike

There are many arguments in favor of this being a trend that will eventually transform cities as well. A transversal hobby that seduces all ages and social classes. Precisely for this reason, and because not all of us cycling around the city have similar tastes, in Finna Cycles we have created a line of urban bikes designed for everyone.

We want you to escape from the city traffic jams, thanks to the stylish and comfortable range of Urban bikes. We provide a high dose of freedom and autonomy to your daily trip.

Finna Cycles has been designed to recover the sense of independence. Enjoy your day without stress, traffic jams or delays.

Finna Cycles as a brand, comes out from the concern that we can all move through the city every day, slowly but surely. We believe in a change and, moreover than that, those who feel responsible to make this happen.

Like you, we also prefer to move by bike

Finna Cycles is concived for your commute, where bicycle is the best option

All the components that set up any of the complete line of Finna Cycles Urban Bicycles provide the maximum comfort and safety during the journey. Check all the available models and choose the bicycle that suits better to your needs.