The Finna Cycles Philosophy

Our Finna Cycles Philosophy comes out from the concern of all we move through the city every day, slowly but surely. People who believe in a change and, moreover than that, those who feel responsible to make this happen.

A new model of city is possible, bike is the base of this revolution

There is a clearly growing problem of mobility in cities. It has been proved that the bicycle is a real and sustainable alternative in cities with traffic congestion and also for short trips. A healthy conveyance that promotes a civic-mindedness, physical activity and, among many other benefits, does not pollute.

Like you, we also prefer to move by bike

Because there are new ways to move in the city, the bicycle also claims their own space as a friendly way of transport. Peaceful, quiet and respectful with the environment.

Finna Cycles are for everyone. With our Finna Cycles Philosophy we believe in the democratization of this means of transport. For that reason, we design all our models with a unique and concise goal: to improve the quality of life for those who opt for the change.


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