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Replacement filter for Woho Filterbo bottle.

Combine water bottle and filter in one simple bottle, produce drinkable water without carry surplus filter and get more storage for your luggage.

Refill'n'go: Just refill your Filterbo at water source and you're ready to go. Save the time from boiling or filtering water, which means more time for pedaling or taking a rest. Ergonomic body design easy to squeeze with quick-seal nozzle, easier to drink. Perfect fit with most bottle cages. Especially recommend to ultra-racer and bike-packer.

The filter adopts electro-adsorption technology developed by NASA in USA, removes cyst, bacteria, virus, inorganic nano-particles, organic macromolecule (EPS/TEP), PCBs, BPA, medical & chemical pollutants, heavy metals, chlorine, odor and improve taste. Sports style nozzle is user-friendly. All materials are food grade and FDA certified. No odor, PVC, and toxic contaminants. BPA free, 100% recyclable. Filter service 6 months or 360 l drinkable wáter.

- The filtered water for first activating filter is NOT DRINKABLE.

- The filter might release some carbon power at the first time use. It will disappear after draining some filtered water.

- Please DO NOT FILL alcoholic beverage, soda water, high acid / alkaline fluid into bottle for flirtation.

- Please DO NOT put the bottle into microwaves and dishwashers.

- Please dispose the filter at the end of service life ( 6 months or 360 l). DO NOT flush or clean the filter and re-use it.

Working temperature of the filter: 5-60 ℃/ 41-140 ℉

Capacity: 700 m


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