Best changes in the world are made linking people.


In Finna Cycles we believe that a new model of city is possible and, by its nature,
the bike is and should be the base of this revolution.


Finna Cycles comes out from the concern that we can all move through the city every day, slowly but surely. In addition we are people who believe in a change and, furthermore, those who feel responsible to make this happen.

Like you,
we prefer to move by bike.


Finna cycles urban commuting

We Love Nature


We are designed to stay in contact with the nature, escape from the urban traffic and go to find incredible and unexpected experiences on board of our Finna Landscape.
A Gravel Grinder bike ready for your next advenure.

Finna cyces gravel grinder

100% ‘Gravel Grinder’ Character



We Believe in a Change

and you are part of the success